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March 17 2005: Novozymes relocates supply chain activities to Denmark

Novozymes Switzerland AG in Dittingen (BL) today announced that all activities associated with Supply Chain Operations (SCO) will be relocated from Switzerland to the headquarters in Denmark by October 1, 2005. 32 of approximately 90 Novozymes employees in Switzerland are affected by the decision.

An internal study shows that Novozymes can reduce production costs by moving SCO-related activities to Denmark. This is due to large-scale advantages and the elimination of double handling of products as well as optimisation of transport routes.

The Dittingen (BL) site will continue to have high strategic importance for Novozymes in the future. There are no plans whatsoever to move areas or activities from Switzerland other than those mentioned.

Novozymes Switzerland AG is located in Dittingen and has a total of approximately 90 employees who are responsible for activities in Supply Chain, Strategic Marketing, Technical Service and other functions. The site works primarily with enzymes for the brewery, beverage alcohol, juice, wine and baking industries.