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Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Kleinlützel
Base Data
Kanton / Bezirk: Solothurn / District Thierstein
Postal Code / BFS: 4245 / 2619
Koordinaten: 47° 26' n. Lat. / 7° 25' e. Len.
Height over Sea: 420 m
Surface: 16.34 km²
Inhabitant: 1297 (31. Dec 2005)
Official Homepage: www.kleinluetzel.ch
Map of Kleinlützel

Kleinlützel (french Petit Lucelle) is a political municipality in the district Thierstein of the canton Solothurn in Switzerland.



Kleinluetzel lies in northwest Switzerland at the french border and is approximately 30 km away from Basel and Delémont. From the landscape Kleinluetzel belongs to the Jura, politically however to the canton Solothurn and there again to the district Thierstein. Due to the fact that the districts Dorneck and Thierstein from the Schwarzbubenland, are the Kleinluetzler black boys, which live far away from the canton principal place.

The village lies at the river Luetzel and stands historically seen in the shade of the former Cistercian monastery in Lucelle (Grossluetzel). But today Kleinluetzel with approximately 1250 inhabitants is much larger than Grossluetzel.

The village and in particular the appropriate weiler Huggerwald and Ring are strongly agriculturally shaped. Apart from cattle breeding agriculture is operated in modest extent. Since the half surface of the municipality is wooded (878 of 1634 hectars), it surprises not that the woodworking trade (saw mills, carpentries, whistling and stick goods factory, drechslereien and a window factory) has here a long tradition. Local ore occurrence and the presence of water power and fuel (wood) let also numerous metalworking enterprises develop (Franz Dreier AG with doors and gates, fitting factory MSL, etc.). A large catholic church, a modern school building, a post office, a bank, a village shop with a bakery, a gas station and excellent connections with the pulic transport system round the overall view off.

Characteristic Numbers

Height over Sea is between 425 m (village), to 800 (surrounding mountains). 
The total area of the municipality measures 1634 hectars, of it 878 hectars forest.

Inhabitant:                        1'258 (31.12.2003) 
Denominations: Roem.-catholic        893 71% 
               Christian-catholic      2 0.1% 
               Protestants           172 14% 
               other religions        33 3% 
               denominationless      158 13% 

Number of households:                550 

Voter:                               932 (31.12.2002) 

Citizen in the whole world:        3'506 (31.12.2002) 

Pupils in the school Eich:           127 (30.11.2003) 
       of it in primary school:       94 
       of it in kindergarten:         33 

Neighbour Municipalities

Neighbour municipalities: Burg, Roeschenz, Liesberg, Roggenburg, Kiffis (F) and Wolschwiller (F).

Water Supply

Own sources and own waste water treatment unit.


Buses (Postauto) to Laufen and Roggenburg, tariff group northwest Switzerland (Tarifverbund Nordwetschweiz).


ViaMichelin: viamichelin.com
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Beautiful plan on homepage of the inhabitant municipality: kleinluetzel.ch


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